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November 24, 2023

At Fogarty Heating & Ventilation, we understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable and cozy home in Calgary, Canada. Our expertise in air conditioning installation and HVAC services has helped countless homeowners in the region. Also Read: Top Signs Your Furnace Needs Maintenance: Don’t Ignore These Red Flags In this blog post, we’ll delve into […]

November 17, 2023

When it comes to maintaining your HVAC system, one of the essential components is your furnace filter. This seemingly simple element plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency, longevity, and air quality of your heating and ventilation system. However, there are many common misconceptions surrounding furnace filter installation, this is where the expertise of […]

November 10, 2023

HVAC systems are crucial to maintaining a comfortable environment in your home or office. Calgary’s ever-changing climate can put your HVAC system to the test. Without proper care and maintenance, these systems can break down prematurely, causing you both discomfort and financial strain. Fortunately, there are proven strategies to increase the longevity of your HVAC […]

November 3, 2023

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep your furnace in good working condition to ensure that it runs efficiently and safely. One of the most important things you can do to maintain your furnace is to replace its filter regularly. But how often should you replace your furnace filter? In this blog post, we’ll explore […]

October 27, 2023

Are you a resident of Calgary, enjoying the picturesque rocky mountains, but often find yourself shivering indoors during the harsh winter months? Well, you’re not alone! Calgary’s climate can be unforgiving, and if you’re like most people, your furnace becomes your best friend when the temperature drops. But have you ever wondered how the climate […]

October 20, 2023

When it comes to ensuring your home’s comfort and safety, choosing a professional for furnace repair and replacement is paramount. Finding experienced and reliable HVAC contractors in Calgary ensures your heating system operates efficiently, especially during the chilly Canadian winter season. In this blog, we will walk you through the key factors to consider when […]

October 13, 2023

Are you tired of dry, uncomfortable air in your home during the winter? Do you often experience problems like dry skin, irritated eyes, or frequent static shocks? If so, we have got the solution to your problem. As a reliable HVAC contractor, we recommend installing a furnace in your home. When the weather is dry, […]

October 5, 2023

As the vivid tapestry of autumn unfolds, painting the world in hues of amber and gold, our focus naturally gravitates towards the comfort of home. Amidst the symphony of falling leaves and the crisp embrace of the air, there’s a silent sentinel that stands ready to keep us warm and cozy—the furnace. Much like a […]

September 28, 2023

If you find yourself shivering through winter or constantly calling for furnace repairs, it might be a sign that your heating system is on its last legs. Recognizing the indicators that it’s time for a new furnace installation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home. In this blog, we’ll explore the top signals […]

September 21, 2023

When the temperature drops in Calgary, you want to rely on your furnace to keep your home warm and cozy. But what if your furnace is not working as well as it should? How do you know if it needs maintenance or repair before it breaks down completely? Ignoring the signs of a faulty furnace […]

September 15, 2023

Most of the time, when we think of furnaces, we focus on their features and efficiency. However, there’s a critical aspect that often gets overlooked: where your furnace lives. Yes, the spot where you put your furnace can mean the difference between a snug home and one that’s a bit drafty. As expert HVAC contractors, […]

September 8, 2023

Winter is coming, which means it’s time to think about heating your home. But how can you ensure that you choose the right furnace? As a professional HVAC contractor, we’ve curated this guide with your needs in mind. We know the difference that a well-chosen and adequately installed furnace can make in enhancing the comfort […]

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